Our Philosophy

We believe in the collaborative approach to education. In today’s highly individualistic society, we have lost sight of the benefits of working together and learning from each other. At PES, each child is imbibed with a sense of belonging to a greater whole while their individual contributions are valued and cherished. With the aim of learning and deep understanding, we provide our students with a stimulating and safe environment to explore learning and express their ideas.

Our Mission & Vision

Give to every child, the unique entity that it is, the personalized treatment that it deserves, Make learning a matter of sheer joy rather than a routine that each child is made to go through,Lay equal emphasis on both playing and learning, Lay the foundation for the holistic development of children Our vision is to provide overall development & a sound character to our pupils so that they become exemplary citizens of tomorrow

Salient Features of PES

All the learning activities at PES are designed in such a manner that kids learn it all by doing it on their own. They touch, explore, feel, enjoy and learn it by doing it with the help of carefully selected toys, games, activities, teaching aids and equipment.
Numerous activities that enhance the creative, social, academic, emotional and behavioural skills in children. PES also aims to make parent participation an integral part of their academic program and to make each parent more knowledgeable about child development, behaviour patterns and positive guidance techniques.